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What is Aluminium Fluoride?

Posted by on Oct 11, 2016

Aluminium fluoride has a structural formula of AlF3 and is a well known inorganic compound, which is mainly used in the production of aluminium as also some other areas of the chemical industry. It is a colorless solid, that can be synthetically prepared and is found in a natural state too.

Production of Aluminum Fluoride

Aluminum fluoride is mainly produced and synthesized through the following reaction of alumina and hexafluorosilicic acid:
H2SiF6 + Al2O3 → 2 AlF3 + SiO2 + H2O

  • The second and alternative way of producing aluminum fluoride is by thermal decomposition of the ammonium hexafluoroaluminate.
  • In the lab it can be prepared in small amounts through the reaction of aluminum hydroxide. For small scale laboratory preparations, AlF3 can also be prepared by treating aluminum metal or aluminium hydroxide with HF.
  • It can be found in nature as a rare mineral called rosenbergite, which is actually an aluminium fluoride trihydrate.

The Structure of Aluminum fluoride
The structure of aluminum fluoride features distorted AlF6 octahedra, which is similar to the rhenium trioxide. Each fluoride is connected to two alumina centers. Aluminum fluoride AlF3, has a 3D polymeric structure and as such has a high melting point.

To compare, other aluminum trihalides, their states differ. Aluminum chloride has a layer structure, whereas aluminum bromide and aluminum iodide are dimers. They all have lower melting points and can easily evaporate to dimers.

When in the gas phase, aluminum fluoride has a trigonal symmetry – D3h. All the Al-F bonds in the gas phase are 163 pm. When gaseous metal trifluorides go through the process of evaporation, they adopt a planar structure.


  • Aluminium fluoride is a reactive compound in the production of the fluoroaluminat glass with zirconium fluoride.
  • It is often used to inhibit the process of fermentation.
  • It can be used as an optical thin film with the low-index whenever UV transparency is needed.
  • It is an important additive in the manufacture of aluminium with cryolite by electrolysis
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Everything You Wanted To Know About Chemical Industry

Posted by on Sep 12, 2016

Everything You Wanted To Know About Chemical Industry

If you are looking for a way to learn more about the chemical industry you, have come to the right place. The chemical industry is part of industry that deals with companies which produce industrial chemicals. In the modern world of economy, it means converting raw materials such as oil, natural gas, air, water, minerals, and metals into more than 70,000 different products. It certainly sounds significant, and if you want to learn more about all the aspects of chemical industry read on!

How Did The Chemical Industry Begin?

If we want to talk about the chemical industry, we must also talk about chemicals that were first. For example, the sulfuric acid was used way back in 1736. The first pharmacist who developed a process which produced sulfur was called Joshua Ward. Also, Mr. Ward was the first who developed the process which involves heating saltpeter allowing the sulfur to oxidize. Once these processes were discovered, it only paved the way for the progress of chemical industry.

But that does not mean that people were not aware of chemical agents well before this period. In fact, people have discovered the benefits of milk which have gone bad and stale urine well before this era. However, with the progress of chemical industry and with the scientific discoveries it became rather easy to produce chemicals in a different process as well. This means that they did not need to collect stale urine, but something which would have produced the same effect in a laboratory! It was certainly a groundbreaking discovery!

Bleaching Powder

With the discovery of this powerful bleach, everything has changed for the chemical industry. Bleaching powder was first discovered by Charles Tennant, who make his powder by reacting lime and chlorine for example.

Once the bleaching powder was made, it allowed Charles Tennant to open a factory in St Rollox which was situated in Scotland.

Ancient Times And Chemical Used

People have been trying to find chemicals in nature before the explosion of chemical industry, so even in the Ancient Times, some products have been even for these purposes. In the beginning, various ashes were used in ancient times. In Western Europe people traditionally used wood ashes, but by the 1700s it became an economic due lack of trees which were available for these purposes. This inspired many chemical pioneers to experiment with different agents such as those taken from sea salt, which is also known as sodium chloride.

A Call For Discussion!

If there is anything else you would like to know about the chemical industry or anything you would like to contribute to our website, make sure you write us in the comments section below or contact that through our email. We would be more than glad to hear from you, and we deeply care what you think about this subject. Make sure you contact us, as we are looking forward to the discussion on this website.

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